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Adoption is often one seen as of the most life-altering events for every party involved. Parents, caregivers, children, and families alike take on new roles after a process which often becomes very confusing and, in some instances, very difficult. Our attorneys are experienced intimately with the adoption process and can help you navigate through the maze with ease and expertise allowing you the comfort of knowing you have a skilled professional on your side and by your side.

Types of Adoptions

Public Adoption: In a public adoption an agency is involved which assists with the adoption of children from foster care. An attorney acts as your agent to ensure that the adoption process is completed timely and most importantly on a personal level.

Private Adoption: In a private adoption, biological/birth parents use an agency to choose prospective ‘adoptive’ parents for their child. In some instances, biological/birth parents and potential adoptive parents meet each other and get to know each other before the final adoption takes place. Otherwise, the agency involved will attempt to match a child with potential adoptive parents.

Kinship Adoption: This form of adoption occurs when a child is not able to be reunited with their birth/biological parents and the state attempts keep the family together and offers kinship adoption to extended family members until the parents are able to be reunited with the minor(s). Should this not become a possibility, the agency involved will take steps to terminate parental rights and  move forth with alternative adoptions.

Stepchild Adoption: Stepchild Adoption is explained by its title because it is the form of adoption where stepparents opt to adopt their spouse’s child and thus become the other legal parent in the shoes of the biological/birth parent of that child. The original biological/birth parent will effectively have their parental rights terminated and will no longer be required to pay child support.  This form of adoption requires the consent of both biological/birth parents unless parental rights have already been terminated in which case only the consent of the spouse is required.

Same Sex Adoption: This form of adoption was legalized in the United States in 2016. The steps would follow either a public or private adoption. Allow our team to commit our efforts to assist you every step of the way.

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