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Child custody and the battles that we often see played out in movies and television shows without a doubt instill fear in parents over the frightening possibility of ever going through such an ordeal. Movies often exaggerate the process and frequently misrepresent what actually happens in a court room when it comes to determining how to divide custody between two loving parents. Our team will work vigorously to ensure that our clients and their families focus on the children’s best interests, always.

Family Courts when determining how to arrange for custody and parenting time direct their focus to best interests of the child or children in each case. Contrary to what movies like to persuade, Courts do not favor one parent over the other based on gender or previously outdated notions thus both parents appear before the court on equal grounds when pursuing child custody. Every custody hearing is different because every family that comes before the court is very different. While many have similar situations, the outcome in each custody hearing is determined based on what the Court determines to be best for the children. The children’s needs such as medical needs, special needs, individual circumstances, schedules of children and of their parents, relationships with parents, other relationships, all come in to play and are all made factors for determining how to divide the time spent with each parent.

Our team counsels our clients and explains the custody arrangements that exist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Specifically, sole custody of minors, joint legal custody, and shared legal and physical custody.

Physical custody refers to where the child will reside and with which parent.

Legal custody refers to the decision-making power with respect to a child’s upbringing, religious education if any, medical decisions, etc.

Both states view “visitation” as parenting time which encourages the notion that despite any familial splits, the relationships between parents and children should not be affected as well as promoting the parental role in children’s lives. Our team can assist in preparing agreements to accommodate the agreed upon schedules for parenting time taking into consideration the special circumstances in each family.

For families with custody and parenting schedules already in place, our team offers assistance with making modifications to custody or parenting time because schedules change as life changes.

Every family is different, but every family seeks the best resolution for their children. Our team prides itself in our unmatched capabilities of counseling even the most complex of custody challenges. If you have questions or concerns regarding relocating out of state with a minor, parental alienation, international kidnapping, or modifying a custody agreement, give us a call today.

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