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Child Support

Protecting your children is your number one priority which makes it our number one priority as well. Ensuring that your children’s emotional and financial needs are met with care, diligence, responsibility and devotion is our firm’s mission.

As parents our biggest concern is ensuring that our children have absolutely all of their needs tended to, both financially and emotionally. In a contested divorce proceeding where children are involved, the court will incorporate a formula to allocate the shared costs of child support to ensure that following a familial separation, the children are taken care of. There are many factors that Courts will look into prior to determining a set amount of support. Our team will ensure that every unique circumstance is accounted for and presented adequately to confirm that your children will receive what they rightfully deserve from both parents.

In uncontested divorce proceedings, our team will work out a fair and reasonable allocation of funds for child support jointly with the parties without the court’s input ensuring that the children are taken care of first and foremost and working to make sure that all parties are content with the final result.

Do you have questions or concerns when it comes to Child Support Calculations? Is it time to modify a current support order? Contact our team to discuss your unique circumstances today.

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