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As the title states, there is an alternative route to Divorcing in New Jersey, specifically, a less dramatic path. ADR for short allows couples to come to the negotiation table and do just that, negotiate with a purpose.

Arbitration – This form of ADR is closest to a formal court setting; however, it too is informal where both parties come before an arbitrator whose decision will become binding should both parties agree prior to the hearing. Arbitration permits entry of evidence and documents similar to that of a formal court proceeding.

Divorce should not complicated nor confusing. Call our team today to discuss what avenue to take and how best to proceed with your unique situation. If ADR is how you choose to approach your divorce our experts can assist. Call today for your free consultation.

Mediation – Similar to Negotiation, Mediation is done with a professional mediator who approaches the conversation to seek a joint resolution acting as a catalyst for discussion and maneuvering the conversation toward a common endpoint.

Negotiation – Couples seek negotiation as an outlet to discuss all pertinent matter jointly and with a common goal of resolving differences and dissolving the marriage amicably. Once the negotiations are complete, the divorce proceeds incorporating the terms of the negotiation.

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