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Personal Injury

Possibly one of the broadest areas of law is Personal Injury. Loosely translated, personal injury is a result of one party’s (usually) negligent act which results in the injury of another. These situations can arise literally anywhere and to anyone. Car Accidents, Slips and Falls, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability and Construction Accidents, just to name a few, require skilled and professional attorneys to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the situation and determine what if any damages should be sought on behalf of the injured party.

Our team of experts will assist our personal injury clients in determining if the circumstances in their case warrant recovery for economic and/or non-economic compensation including but not limited to:

  • Hospital Bills and other medical expenses (NJ and PA)
  • Loss of Incoming as well as the loss of future wages due to inability to work (NJ and PA)
  • Rehab and Physical Therapy Costs (NJ)
  • Pain and Suffering (NJ and PA)
  • Emotional Injuries (if permanent disability or disfigurement)  (NJ and PA)

Every single case is different, and every result will be different because that. But one thing that will remain constant is our dedication and powerful representation for our clients.

Often clients ask us,

  • “Do I need an attorney for my case?”
  • “How long can I wait before we file suit?”

First and foremost, seeking expert counsel for legal matters is recommended, simply because we have been trained to advocate for you, would you want to treat your own broken arm, or would you prefer a professional to assist? The answer is pretty clear in both situations.

Second, every state has their own set timelines following an accident for when suit can be filed. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey suit should be filed within 2 years from the date of the accident (there are a few exceptions).

If you were injured in an accident and want to discuss your matter with an expert in the field, contact our team today for a free consultation to discuss your situation and learn about your options.

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