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Prenuptial-Postnuptial and Agreements

It may come as a shock to most, but….Family Law Attorneys are not just for divorcing couples!

In fact, Family Law Attorneys should be consulted before forming a family. If you and your partner have decided to join your lives together, one or both of you have finances that need to be discussed, you have children from previous relationships, or you simply do not wish to get married but want to cohabitate with your partner and set out financial terms and obligations, all of these concepts can be and should be discussed with an experience family law attorney.

Pre-Nup – Our team has counseled couples before they wed with respect to protecting assets, property, inheritance, etc. Before taking a leap of faith, take an appointment with our team. We will discuss the options that all parties have, determine what documents (if any) will best serve your family, specifically if a prenuptial agreement (prenup) would work best for you, and ensure that all legally binding matters are resolved and organized before your big day.

Post-Nup– If you’re already married, but financial circumstances have changed and you and partner wish to establish financial responsibilities, it may not be too late to draw up a post-nuptial agreement framing the financial structure the two of you will follow going forward.

Property/Marital Settlement Agreements – If you have decided that Divorce is the route you wish to take; our team will support your decision and will assist with preparing a marital settlement agreement which will include the agreed upon terms for division of property, child support, child custody arrangements, and other agreed upon terms. If couples have previously entered into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, those terms will be made a part of the Marital Settlement Agreement.

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